LTE in GM Cars…What does that mean for your community?

General Motors evaluated several different network partners and different types of connected car options before deciding to embed LTE into most of its cars beginning in 2014. The company announced earlier this week that its OnStar-branded safety, security and navigation service will use embedded LTE modules powered by AT&T Mobility’s (NYSE:T) network. Interestingly, one of the driving factors behind GM’s decision to embed LTE modules in its cars and select AT&T as its partner was because it plans to offer Voice over LTE technology.

What does this mean for your community?

With this partnership GM is tapping into AT&T’s LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology and infrastructure that is currently being put into in place.  If you haven’t already, you will start to see more upgrades as AT&T is scheduling these upgrades consistently across the country.  You will also see the need for new infrastructure as the existing reaches its capacity.  

Read more: GM’s Chan: VoLTE to be a primary component of the connected car – FierceWireless

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